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No trucks no search

Only ever shows one or two trucks in the entire country... Not sure if it's not working or if no one is using it. It also really needs a search feature...provided you have more than two trucks using the app

Sadly of little use

Contacted developer about crashes - no response. Will delete. Too bad could have been great. Update - changed from 2 stars to 5. Reinstalled it and has been working fine since - go figure.


Nothing there. Totally useless.


Not one truck on the map

Only followed 3 trucks!

Only followed 3 trucks on the whole app. Good idea but need more trucks.

Please keep at this

This app has an awesome interface and is a great app. The only issue is that there are no food trucks displaying. I was literally behind one when I downloaded the app. Please don't give up on this as it's a really cool idea.

One truck in America


Only works in specific area

Right now as of 7-15-16 this app only works in Cincinnati. It does not work in DC. I assume it's Cincinnati because it pulled up there. Only 2 food trucks appeared so not excited about their future

No food trucks

Dl'ed this for use in DC, and no food trucks show up. Nice interface, though.

Useless in Los Angeles

I hope it gets fix so I'll come back and change my review.

Love it but no food trucks use it

Love this app; however, I rarely see food trucks on the map -- even when I know there are food trucks out. If this app had more food trucks using this, it would be amazing !!

Great idea but...

This app would be awesome...if there were actually ever any food trucks on it. So it's rendered useless but not being used by the food trucks. Wish it would be updated and developers would work to encourage food trucks to use it!


Great app. Interface is great. Must have for those who like local food vendors.

One of a Kind

Wow. What a great app. User-friendly and the interacitve maps are great. Kudos to the creators for designing an app for food trucks. This app should be available in every major city by 2016. Food trucks are the next great culinary adventure. The creators are really on to something as they help these new culinary artist bring their craft to the masses. Excellent app.


Awesome new app!

It has a lot of potential

I think there are a lot of food trucks in this town who are not yet followed by the app. Once more come on board, it will really be useful. For now I tend to check Lexington Beer Scene to find who is serving where.

Fantastic helpful app

A must have app for fans of gourmet food trucks in Lexington, KY. I found out where Gastro Gnomes, Lyle's BBQ, and Crazy about Cajun were thanks to this app. Before it was a complete mystery finding out where the trucks were.

Must have for foodies!

Love this app. Now I know exactly where to find Bobs Cajun whenever I want!

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